About me... Just a little bit
Welcome to my humble abode.

Hello my name is Scott Vollmar, and I am thankful for your visit.  I am a visual artist whom is primarily an illustrator, but I really like to dabble around into the worlds of painting, woodworking, welding, videographery, animation, and photography.  In laymans terms, I am an A.D.D. man/boy whom can't keep still. 
What's new with what's new
Some of the new things that I have been working on, besides new fan art and taking photos, have been more oriented toward making several different mediums overlap.  I really like the idea of art evolving into different mediums.  Whether it be be script to illustration for a book or illustrations to animation for a movie, the process to me is an interesting one to say the least.  That being said, be on the look out for a book in the near future, I am in the process of illustrating a script I have written and it should be completed shortly after con season.  I will be updating more as I further along with illustrations and story boards, and once that is done I will start animating it into a animated short.  So much to do in such a short time.  Bother you soon, and thanks for the time.